DIY: Super Cute Air Dry Clay Mushroom Ornaments

diy clay mushroom ornaments

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Who doesn’t love mushroom trinkets?! These air drying clay mushroom ornaments are SO dang cute- good thing you can make a ton of ’em ;). Truly, I have a thing for mushroom art and decor, and you’ll see it a lot in my paintings and pottery. This project uses air drying clay which has it’s pros and cons but is going to work really well if you don’t have access to a kiln to fire actual clay. Let’s do it!

You will need:

  • This air drying clay 2.2 lbs of Activa Plus- Clay White for $16
  • Or to buy in bulk you can get this 10 lbs of Amaco Air Dry Clay for $23
  • Tools for making textures and styles, like this set of Pottery Sculpting Tools for $10
  • A jump ring (metal ring) for hanging, I got a pack of something like this: Jump Rings *I’d stay 5mm and above
  • String or yarn for hanging, I love adding jute because it gives any project a rustic feel:
  • Acrylic paint & brush
  • Glue to adhere the stem to the top, I used a hot glue gun and E6000 glue

Notes when working with air dry clay:

  • You do need to work quickly! I rolled out all my balls at once, but kept the ones I was not working on in a sealed bag so that they didnt start to dry out.
  • You can add a little water to smooth out edges
  • You’ll notice a little wrinkling/ elephant skin-ish but it’s ok! just add a little water to smooth, but this is a sign that the clay is getting ready to dry

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diy air dry clay

Amaco 10 lb Bulk Air Dry Clay, Activa Plus 2.2 lbs Air Dry Clay, 12 Piece Pottery and Sculpting Tool Set, Acrylic Paints, Brush-on Gloss Glaze, 70 Piece Alpha Numeric Stamp Kit

STEP ONE: roll FOUR balls, make two balls about 2″ in diameter and the other two balls around 1″ *super important to remember that when you’re working with one piece to keep the other pieces in a sealed container or bag so that they don’t dry out.

STEP TWO: Shape the stems and mushroom tops. When you are done shaping the mushroom tops stick your metal ring into the top and then add an extra piece of clay through the ring and carefully smooth down into mushroom top. I did this by taking a very small ball of clay, rolling it into a cylinder, “threading” the cylinder through the ring and then taking some water, my fingers, and a tool to smooth out the little piece. Doing this step will help make sure the ring stays in. When you are making the stem you can keep it straight or curve it a little, just make sure the top of the stem is flat AND that the spot on the under side of the mushroom is also flat – imagine their surfaces being flat when dry when it comes to gluing together.

STEP THREE: After drying for a few hours it’s time to PAINT and decorate! YAY! I used acrylic paint in different colors to decorate my mushrooms. I painted the pieces separately before gluing together.

STEP FOUR: When your pieces are done drying from the paint it’s time to glue together. I ended up using E6000 super glue *and hot glue as well. I added the E6000 a few minutes before the hot glue and only added a dab.

STEP FIVE: add your string! yarn, jute, twine- etc. you can also add a glaze to coat your paint (I didn’t have any at the time of this project but I will be glazing these babies!)

diy clay mushroom ornaments

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and there you go! These are totally cute and amazing for so many things. We will put these on our tree for sure but they are also cute as little gifts or making with a banner. Using air clay means that anyone can make this sweet little ornament project and not need to worry about having a kiln for real clay. Have fun! and if you make your own clay mushroom ornaments tag me on Instagram because I’d love to see it! @sylviadesonia 🙂


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